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Members of Obeah and Wanga Camp are expected to maintain a local dues current status in order to be considered active members of Obeah and Wanga Camp and thus enjoy all of the privileges of being a member of the Camp (as listed below). The following policy applies to OTO initiates living within a 100 mile radius of Nashville, TN.


  • $11.00 associate member (for non-initiated members, or those members living outside of a 100 mile radius of Nashville)
  • $15.00 regular member (For all degrees, including Minerval)
  • $20.00 family rate for couples sharing a household (for all degrees, including Minerval; savings of $60 per year per person)


  • $44.00 if paying quarterly (savings of $4.00 per year)
  • $156.00 if paying annually (savings of $24.00 per year)

Individuals already taking advantage of the family rate are not eligible for quarterly or annual payment discount. Local dues are paid directly to Obeah and Wanga and are used to pay for supplies, insurance, special events, and other costs.

Please note that “local dues”, which are assessed by the local body, are different from US Grand Lodge (“national”) dues. Obeah and Wanga does not accept payment for USGL dues, except as part of an initiation fee; USGL dues must be paid directly to USGL.

Payment of Local Dues

  • Dues may be paid in advance or during the month they are due.
  • Dues must be paid by the last day of the month.
  • Payments received up to the last day of the month will not be considered late.
  • Dues may be paid using any accepted method. If dues are not paid for a given month, any dues received in the following month will be first applied to the previous month’s dues.

If you are financially unable to pay your local dues to Obeah and Wanga, but wish to maintain active membership, please contact the Treasurer or Body Master to discuss possible arrangements. Considerations for hardship include, but are not limited to, student status, loss of job, or other temporary conditions. Each case will be considered on an individual basis.

“Dues Current” Status

Dues-paying or “dues current” members are allowed various privileges, such as:

  • For regular members (paying either regular member or family rate), free admittance to regular events, classes, and rituals.
  • For associate members, discounted admittance fees for regular events, classes, and rituals (usually half price)
  • Participation in degree-specific events such as initiations (per individual’s degree)
  • Participation in “members only” events
  • Borrowing privileges from the Library
  • Consideration for being an Officer in Masses and Initiations

Note that to be considered dues current, one must also be current with USGL dues. For those newly initiating into 0°, the payment of local dues will begin with the calendar month immediately following the initiation (e.g. if you are initiated on June 10, you will begin paying local dues for the month of July).

If dues are not paid for a given month, there is a one-month grace period for getting caught back up. If a person does not pay dues for two consecutive months, that person is no longer considered dues current (that person will be considered “lapsed”), and is no longer afforded the privileges listed above.

Foundational/Sustaining Members

Those wishing to pay over and above their local dues each month to support Obeah and Wanga are encouraged to do so, as the additional support enables Obeah and Wanga to provide better activities and facilities for its members. All “extra” dues paid to Obeah and Wanga are tax-deductible as a donation, as they are an entirely voluntary contribution to the local body, which has 501(c)3/Non-Profit status.

Those wishing to pay $50 or more per month in support of Obeah and Wanga are considered “foundational/sustaining members”, and are afforded additional benefits. If a member wishes to become a foundational member, they may notify the Treasurer of their intent to begin paying foundational dues. The Treasurer will then expect payment of $50 per month for foundational dues. A foundational member may at any time revert to payment of standard dues for the following month.

Obeah and Wanga accepts the following methods of payment for donations, dues, fees, services,merchandise, and events:

  • PayPal (online transfer from checking account or credit card)
  • PayPal at events (physical credit or debit card swiped at Camp events)
  • Checks or money orders

Methods of Payment

Checks and money orders are accepted for payment of donations, monthly local dues, and initiation fees only. For initiations, checks and money orders must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the date of initiation, to permit adequate time to deposit and clear the check.

Cash and check are preferred methods of payment, as there are no transaction fees. To avoid fees when paying via PayPal, members and guests should specify “Friends and Family” and use a checking account as the funding source when submitting payment. Optionally, they may use a credit card through PayPal if they do not have an associated checking account.

PayPal payments should be submitted to obeahwanga@gmail.com. When submitting payment, please add a brief description in the Message field to indicate what the payment is for (e.g. “Local dues”, “Dues, T-shirt, and beanie”, “Tarot Night + hoodie”).

In-person payment for goods and services can be submitted directly to the Treasurer if present, or to any other officer of Obeah and Wanga. Please do not leave payments with anyone other than a current officer of Obeah and Wanga.

If a check or money order is returned for non-payment, the member or guest will be expected to reimburse Obeah and Wanga for all fees associated with the non-payment, and will not be permitted to submit payment by check or money order in the future. A non-payment event will also reflect poorly upon the member, and could result in further discipline.

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